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PCI Advance Title provides quality escrow and title insurance services to all of NWA including Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville. When you're ready to buy a home, we're here to make sure your investment is protected throughout the entire process.

Prior To Closing

Conduct title search and deed search

Coordinate all aspects of title services with appropriate parties

Prepare all necessary documents, including a preliminary title report

Schedule settlement

During Closing

Account for all funds

Review closing documents

Disburse all mortgage loan or sale proceeds

After Closing

Satisfy all lender requirements

Record Transfer Documents

Issue Title Insurance Policy

Title Insurance

Why is this necessary? Simply put, title insurance protects property buyers and mortgage lenders against defects or problems with a title when there is a transfer of property ownership. A transaction typically requires two title insurance policies: an owner's policy and a lender's policy.

Lender's Policy

A lender's policy, also known as a loan policy or a mortgage policy, protects the lender against loss due to unknown title defects. It also protects against certain matters which may exist, but may not be known at the time of the sale. It's important to note this only protects the lender's interest. It does not protect the purchaser, which is why an owner's policy is also important.

Owner's Policy

An owner's policy, which is title insurance for property owners, fully protects the buyer. It provides assurance that you're covered both monetarily and with legal defense should a covered title problem arise with the title that was not found during the title search. It is purchased for a one-time fee at closing and is valid for as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property.

For Sale By Owner

Realtors provide great value to the process of buying and selling a home, so we always encourage our clients to look into that option first. If you find yourself going solo, you don't have to do everything alone. On your behalf, we perform a property title search and produce a title report. Then we issue an insurance policy, facilitate the closing, and file and record all of the paperwork. We're on your side providing peace of mind.

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